I wish we had a hard-hitting, gut wrenching story to tell.

We’re just a group of video game junkies, graphic artists, and techies came together to solve a problem: How do we deliver cutting edge, yet affordable web design services to small and medium sized business? That was ten years ago.

Remember your friend’s hair salon? Your favorite restaurant? Or that appliance store where you bought a big screen TV for your new apartment? Great businesses with great services, but no idea how to market themselves.

This is where Edge Design comes in.

Edge Design is a full-service web and graphic design company dedicated to the continued growth and success of its clients. We serve businesses of any size; from startups to established companies looking to extend their brand. Ten years on, we have developed an outstanding commitment to quality, service, and long-lasting business relationships.

Your project is personal to you. It reflects you, your dreams, your passion. Therefore, it’s personal to us. Edge Design takes the trust that you put in us very seriously. Every project earns our full commitment and effort.

Edge Design has worked with several variations of business enterprises. From startups to long established businesses, we deliver satisfaction to a host of business owners and managers. Edge Design also engages in lateral cooperation with other professional service providers in the field to help deliver on projects of all sizes.

Do you need a web content writer, professional IT services or help sourcing specialized equipment? Over the years we have developed relationships with reliable goods and services providers who have themselves developed a strong reputation in their field.

In a globally competitive market, you need a partner who brings a global perspective. We work with clients in the Caribbean, North America and the UK.