Logo Design & Branding

Your Image

How is your image in the marketplace and among competitors? Do customers see you any differently to other suppliers? Do they see you at all? You have spent a lot of time and effort in building a great business brand and more importantly, a good relationship with your customers, but is this enough? Your brand must be distinctive and have a unique appeal that is easily recognized by your customers and identified by your next customer. This is what Edge Design helps you achieve.

Simple Distinctive Memorable

Your logo immediately identifies who you are, what your products and services are about, the principles that your business stands for and what customers should expect from you. It is a symbol of trust. An effective logo says everything about your business or enterprise. It is your seal. Customers look to it as a source of confidence. Whichever way your logo combines text, graphics or symbols, Edge Design will ensure that your logo conveys the intended message.

Packaging Design

They say, “seeing is believing”. Your packaging design is what your customers see – before they buy and after they buy. Packaging design plays an important role consumer behavior. Studies have shown that most people make a decision about whether to buy or not in less than ten seconds!

Your packaging must therefore be designed to have an immediate impact on the buyer.

Packaging must be convenient for the customer and must tell the customer what they want to know about the product. Today’s customers are more discerning than ever.

Their values play a critical role in determining what they buy and where they spend their money. Edge Design understands that customers seek for various features when choosing one product over the next.

Effective package designs are not only attractive and distinctive but also help the customer make the right choice!

Magazine Design

Always creative, always enjoyable

Edge Design boasts a team of competent and talented people. Our team uses the latest software and is always up to date with the latest developments in digital media technology. There are several competing magazines and publications today. Edge Design is the partner you need to make your magazine stand out from the rest.

From a blank sheet of paper

Every publication tells a story. We take great care in engaging with clients during the entire process from idea to completion. Edge Design stays with you every step of the way, helping you visualize, choosing formats, layouts and the right structure for your magazine or publication.

  • Initial consultation,
  • Evaluation of publication’s viability and sustainability
  • Mockups and visualization
  • Technical guidance and advice
  • Preparation of master pages

Web Design 

Websites are critical for business success.

Websites have quickly replaced traditional media as the means of communicating and connecting with a target audience. Your business’ website is the most practical and effective way of giving real time information and responsive feedback to your growing list of customers.

A well developed website will tailor your message to suit the customer that you have in mind. Edge Design is committed you working with businesses in developing web solutions that are a good fit for their short and long term needs; and to help them achieve those needs with minimal maintenance and cost.

Your business website will say everything about it. Edge Design takes care to deliver what each customer needs.

Web solutions offered by Edge Design include:

  • Website Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web hosting
  • Analytics
  • WordPress Development
  • User Interface Design